Patras 20th High School

We intend to let you know all news about 20th High School of Patras


IT literacy at RS Regenstauf

I´ve created a movie about my students working on IT literacy.
Greetings from Regenstauf/Germany to my eTwinning partners and friends Makis and Costas!



New School year

A new school year has started and we would like to wish our students a very warm welcome as well as success with all their activities. There has been a great interest in starting new projects with various countries and schools. Our friends from Iglesias, Sardinia have gone to MedTwinning and it seems likely that we are going to work with some schools from Malta, Morocco and Jordan. We are looking forward to it. We don't know though about the luck of our Comenius Digiskills at school project. In the first place our application was rejected unfortunately.
All the best, anyway.


Our friends from Sardinia

We were really excited when we accepted our twin school Lamarmora + Canelles from Iglesias, Sardinia, for the second year. Our students got to know their penfriends in person, presented the cultural project we have been working on, played various games (volleyball and football mostly) and had a really great time together. It's a wonderful feeling to see youngsters of different cultures to get together and deal in really friendly terms. Our special thanks to the soul of these activities, our colleague Mrs Angela Pinna, for all their hard efforts in order to make this meeting a reality! Promises were given for meeting once again, either in Patras or in Sardinia. They even playes some traditional Sardinian songs as a group. That was certainly great funs. Many thanks to all of them as well. Here are some of the students from both schools together plus their band singing for us. A new post will follow with more photos from Flickr maybe.

Language assistant

We have to mention that, due to personal reasons, the Comenius language assistant Raissa de Taeye, that was posted in our school, had to leave and we certainly felt really bad about this. She had been very friendly and helpful with our meeting for the Comenius Digiskills@school project. We will certainly miss her. We also wish her luck with her goals and success in whatever areas she wishes to go on.


Visit to the Municipal Carnival Workshop

A few days before carnival, the third grade of our school paid a visit to the municipal workshop where the floats are manufactured. A guide explained to the students how much preparation and time is needed in order to build them. A lot of craftsmen, engineers and artists are involved in the creation of this huge and colourful floats. It was definitely an interesting experience.


Language Assistant posted in our school

We are more than happy to announce that we have a language assistant working at our school. Her name is Raissa De Taeye and comes from Belgium and imagine this! She is very fluent in Greek as well! A very competent and talented girl with many interests and we believe she will be of help in many aspects and not just teaching. She has been posted in our school through Socrates - Comenius 2.2 European project. A very warm welcome from us all!


Here we are

Below you can enjoy a slide show with pictures taken during our friends' visit from Sardinia, while in our school. It certainly brings back memories, doesn't it?
It took us some time to learn the tools for this (and I must thank our friend Hans Feldmeier for teaching us about all these)but we certainly have moved ahead.


Our race

Here are some members of our Digiskills team, at the classical stadium distance of 192,27 at the site of Ancient Olympia. There was a prize of Quality label for the winning school. We won't tell you who won, though!

Our visit to Ancient Olympia

Here is our Digiskills team in front of Philippion, a monument offered by the King of Macedonia Philippos, father of Alexander the Great, which monumenet has been partially erected.

Patras Digiskills meeting

We were more than glad to meet all partner schools from the Institutions we have been working with and host them in our school from 16-20 January 2007. The meeting was proved to be a great success and everybody has been happy to participate in it.


The 17th November holiday

Here is our choir singing during the 17th November holiday held at the school premises. The students and their music teacher did a great job!


Our trip to Germany

Here you can see photos from our trip to Germany


Allocation of prizes

Our Headmistress, Mrs Margaret Petridou and the RE teacher, Mr Kostouros Athanassios gave the prizes to the best students from last year during our National Holiday celebration.

National Holiday - 28th Oct.

The 28th of October is our National Holiday celebrating our fight in the World War II. On that particular day we participate with a feast and a parade and prizes are given to the best students of the previous year. As a prize the best student overall is passed the flag on and five more students are appointed for the parade, to parade next to him. Peter Zacharopoulos was the best student overall for the last academic year.


Friends from Sardinia

Here is a photo from the visit of our friends from Iglesias, Sardinia and our excursion at the winefactory of Achaia Clauss in Patras. More photos and slideshows are to follow.


Blogging step by step

We are learning little by little the tips and tricks of the trade and soon we will be able to upload photos and other files and materials.


Kickoff blogging

This is our first try on the way to creating a blog for our school's (20th High School of Patras) eTwinning projects. We will come later on, so as to upload photos and materials from the projects we have been working on with our European partners.